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Info and Event...Get Updates

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 26, 2010 4:12 pm

• Our server has auto account registration. Just type your new account name and password at the logon screen (and don't forget it; it's a good idea to write it down somewhere). The new account will be created and activated immediately.

• Create your character on our server, and enjoy the game!

• ON Whispering Fields we have THREE servers working: the KAIN (high rate), the ARIA (middle rate) and the KHADIA (low rate)! For the rates please see "Server Info"

This server works on new "L2 Nightlies" GRACIA FINAL EPILOGUE VERSION server/data pack.


• On the Whispering servers you can participate in the TVT (Team vs Team) event!!!! The TVT event is started every day at fixed times!!! Once the event starts, the TVT NPC stays near Giran Einhasad temple!!! (A white cat) In this event you can only participate with one char, dualboxing is not allowed!!!! If we see any inactive char on TVT, (or on OLIMPIAD GAMES!!) the inactive char is going to be jailed..... sure, we want no exploits... In the TVT event you can participate with only one lvl72 to lvl85 char!!!! ((Newbies please go lvl up speedily!!!)) The TVT event is started with 4 chars participating, or above....if the number of participating chars is only 3...the TVT will not start, but going to be suspended... Naturally, the TVT will only run with 4; 6; 8; 10; and 12 chars (Only if the number of participants is EVEN...if it's not EVEN, the start of TVT will be aborted...) To the winners side on TVT, the server will drop enchants and crystals to all winners ((D, C, B, A, and S grade!!!)) PK NPCS HUNT: A huge battle is going on near Giran Castle Town, backpacks are loaded with great weapons, armors and other things! But beware! Only big boys and big girls approach the killers as they are unmerciful toward greenhorns! "THE GREAT PUMPKIN EVENT": You have to collect "Nectar" from mobs, and when you have plenty of nectar, you can exhange these to Squash seeds. After getting them, just double click on the seed, and your squash grows. You must kill the squash and pick up your items!!! -->>Our pumpkins can drop nice items: enchants/blessed enchants/all grade crystals/event medals/glittering medals!!! -->>With glittering medals you can buy Whispering Custom armor sets with SA weapons for all characters!

• "THE GREAT PUMPKIN EVENT": You must collect from mobs the "Pollens" and when you have many pollen, you can exhange this pollens to: Squash seeds, after exchange pls dounle clik on seed, and the your squash grows, you must kill the squash and pick up your items!!! -->>The our pumpkins can dropped nice items:enchants/blessed enchants/all grade crystals/event medals/glittering medals!

• Thxx for joining! Please vote for our server daily!!! Smile) ON THE WHISPERING WEBSITE AT THE BOTTOM YOU'LL FIND THE LINKS TO ALL THE VOTING SITES!!!! THXX Please join our server, and enjoy!!

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