Donation is the best way to keep the server alive...

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Donation is the best way to keep the server alive...

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 26, 2010 4:16 pm

You know it well, certainly, Whispering Lineage2 server one L2j basis server, that server based on GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE continuous is at a standstill under a development, this server packet open source model, which is suitable for everybody to be involved in a development,, like this with the software, the nobody may have legal problems in connection with the usage of software, freely can be imitated, can be developed, useful! ( )

Unfortunately but the server operation yet hobby onto an aim costly undertaking, since a daily one 24-hour working computer, continuous internet he entails achievement with more thousand forints of expense! In as much we are not satisfied an internet with a weaker bandwidth connection, but at a qualitative service provider we wish to place our server, this really with a monthly fixed expense is due! In as much the cheapest one, but after all professional solution we elect it then at least monthly 12.000-HUF we have to reckon with an expense (this into a year calculation which can be bought in case of a contract!) that with a sum to the entering into a contract we have to take action...

What may we do in order to be allowed to make our favourite game stable one, more enjoyable one's?

Yes, we may not make something else, we suggest it let everybody material contribute to the undisturbed operation of the server according to his opportunities, and when he gets together the year server placement prize, we knit a contract for us then legmegfelel?bb server with a hall, and we operate it there longer according to our hopes much undisturbed, laggmentesen, daylong operator with a service onto the immediate averting of the potential technical problems, 99,9 % os onto a provision with a position, Whispering Server!

What do the supporters get in exchange?

We did not decide this yet, let nobody count on it of course, that in the game as offset items, or level, you are anything else relief may get But a thing totally sure, namely it, that has the honed written advantages for everybody if a stable one is hoston we place it our server! -->>>On Low rate server Khadia we make one special Wyvern quest, and on this quest, if you donated to server more than 35-EUR, you can collect quest items easyest!

Thank you very much for the support!Smile

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Donation List - Thanks to you all

1. Donations: 10.000-HUF ((cca: 35 EUR)) Arriwed:04.06.2009 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

2. Donations: 10.000-HUF ((cca: 35 EUR)) Arriwed:05.06.2009 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

3. Donations: 5.000-HUF ((cca: 18 EUR)) Arriwed:11.06.2009 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

4. Donations: 5.000-HUF ((cca: 18 EUR)) Arriwed:15.06.2009 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

5. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,6 EUR)) Arriwed:14.07.2009 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

6. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,6 EUR)) Arriwed:12.08.2009 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

7. Donations: 4.000-HUF ((cca: 15,6 EUR)) Arriwed:25.08.2009 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

8. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,6 EUR)) Arriwed:10.09.2009 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

9. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,6 EUR)) Arriwed:14.09.2009 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

10. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,6 EUR)) Arriwed:02.11.2009 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

11. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,6 EUR)) Arriwed:05.11.2009 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

12. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,6 EUR)) Arriwed:12.01.2010 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

13. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,6 EUR)) Arriwed:18.01.2010 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

14. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,6 EUR)) Arriwed:18.02.2010 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

15. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,2 EUR)) Arriwed:14.02.2010 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

16. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,1 EUR)) Arriwed:17.03.2010 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

17. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,1 EUR)) Arriwed:23.03.2010 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

18. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,1 EUR)) Arriwed:07.04.2010 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

19. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,1 EUR)) Arriwed:30.04.2010 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

20. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,1 EUR)) Arriwed:19.05.2010 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

21. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,1 EUR)) Arriwed:01.06.2010 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

22. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,1 EUR)) Arriwed:15.06.2010 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

23. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,1 EUR)) Arriwed:08.07.2010 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

24. Donations: 4.000-HUF ((cca: 14,2 EUR)) Arriwed:08.08.2010 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

25. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,1 EUR)) Arriwed:09.08.2010 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

26. Donations: 2.000-HUF ((cca: 7,1 EUR)) Arriwed:03.09.2010 Donators name: - (don't want publicated)

Dear players! In as much you can support the server financially, you may do it with the indication of the undermentioned invoice number, a name, your playful character then: (you write it on on it onto the transfer the name of your character, in as much you would love, that between the supporters may indicate!) relating use the undermentioned invoice number, SWIFT code, and name:

HU-77-18100002-00010185-11010020 bank: ALLIANZ BANK Zrt. owner: Kassai Miklos Zoltan , Swift/Bic Code: ALLZHUHB


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