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Post by Admin on Sun Sep 26, 2010 4:24 pm

Contact Us

Be our donors to keep the server alive and we can continue to serve you with satisfaction and keep the stability of the server to always make you playfun and enjoy

Obviously a game server does not stay alone, out of pocket costs of the administrator, with your donations help us to grow the Server, to be maintained and also contribute 100% to increase the machine (either server or more characteristics of Monthly traffic and others). Increasing the machine allow us to play more people with the least possible lag, and therefore more fun. Here you will find that there are various grants available to help the server to continue to grow. It is important to note that donations are voluntary, playing on this server is free, the rewards is a way of thanking the donor proof of his kindness. Not donate is no distinction gains support of others. With this understood, we turn to the rewards they get through a donation to the server.

MSN/e-mail (Admin:Heavenly--> on All Server):

Cellphone number:

+36 30 650-7560
+36 20 353-5899
+36 70 314-4632


(Admin:Gaad --> on All Server) MSN :

(Andel -->on All Server) MSN :

(SALMANDIA --> on All Server) MSN :

(Dolda -->on Kain Server) MSN :

I am asking everybody, that in the case of a lasting server mistake, dial one of that numbers, or send a short text message!

Ventrilo ip:

download ventrilo

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