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Join Now L2Conflict x20 H5

- Sieges & Territory Wars Every Weekend
- Auction House System ( Like in Goddess of Destruction )
- Automates Events
- GameMaster Events
- Regulary Clan vs Clan Events where Leader May win Real money ( Via paypal )
- Anti Bot Protection against L2Tower/L2Net/L2Divine etc.
- .report Button to report Active Clickers ( They recive an Code, if failed to answer, or for beeing afk player will get Jail - for certain time)
- ALT+B Database if you need something to farm, put item name and arrow + Shows Map location/monster where to farm
- ALT+B Raid Boss Live/dead Status, added Teleport to Raid ( can be used only in safe zones to teleport directly to Raid Boss )
- ALT+B To Get Buffs/Teleport Anywhere out of Combat
- .cp To secure your account
- Combine Talismans
- Block Buffs so you wont get over Buffed
- Auto pick up ON/OFF
- Raid Boss Loot can be picked who made most damage
- Set Offline Buffers
- Repair Character
- GMShops up to S-Grade
- Foundation Items are craftable
- Champion Monster are ON with increased Drop
- SHIFT+Click on monster to see the drop
- ALT+B Monster Finder, type in Monster name & You can Teleport Directly to Monster, Also Shows Location on - Minimap and Arrow
- Unique TvT Events where players get in Party Automatically By The System
- and much much more

Join Now to L2Conflict


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