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Lineage 2 Bot - Adrenaline

Post by L2Adrenaline on Fri Feb 27, 2015 12:31 pm

Hello All,
I'd like to talk to you about an amazingly powerful, yet simple to use bot called Adrenaline.  As an experience bot user I have been botting since lineage 2 has come out using pixel bots I've written to using l2walker and up and I'd have to say this is the simplest bot with very advance features that are just a simple dropdown for the bot.
If you go to I have taken some screen shots of the bot interface and it's a quick glimpse of its features with small descriptions of each window. if you can think of an option you'd wish you could setup, the bot can most likely already do it with a few simple dropdown selections.
For instance, you're playing your Feoh Wizard and you want to setup Shadow Snare to be casted when there is four or more monsters around yourself or current target, it's a simple selection of the condition setup. Or you're on your Sigel Knight and an enemy monster attacks your healer, you can setup conditions to use Chain Pull to pull that monster off instantly with a simple selection.
Let's say you're on your Othell Rogue and you Want to setup an advance combo, Use Shadow Chase(Moves behind enemy) if monster HP > 99%, then for Blood Stab(Strike the enemies back) you setup a condition, If target has buff 10516(Shadow Chase) it uses Blood Stab, then to finish off this combo we setup the skill Chain Blow(Additional skill power 20% to dmg if used during bleed) which we setup as an additional condition If target has buff 10508(Blood Stab). These are just a few simple settings that can be achieved easily with a few simple dropdown selections to maximize damage.
Adrenaline is maintained and updated weekly  by a very skilled developer, the bot works on official servers and 99% private servers. as new servers come up and have custom protection people post on the forums and ask if it works, we test the bot to see if it works and if not we forward it to the developer who normally fixes the bot to work additionally on that server.
Adrenaline has two support modes Hive Five and lower, or Goddess of Destruction and higher. it currently is running with no issues on Ertheria and does bypass nearly all protections, LameGuard, GameGuard, Etc.
Adrenaline is a memory based bot, there is no need to modify any files or install loopback adapters or edit host files. Just launch the bot, then launch your game client and login as normal. Since this is a memory based bot there is no chance of detection by standard security checks. this does not read packets or play man in the middle between server, bot, client. Game with confidence you will not be detected.
Adrenaline key feature in my opinion is its very advanced yet fairly easy to learn scripting abilities. The bot is written in Pascal/Delphi and we have many example scripts on the forums from basic out of party buffers to advance auto rebuff, teleport back and navigate to a helping zone, then setup to hunt within that zone and if it dies, go back to town and repeat the process all over again.
Adrenaline Home Page:


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